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Wuxi More Tex Technology Co.,Ltd.was established on March 2001 in Wuxi High-Tech Industry Development Zone,as a joint venture by MORESCO Corporation and TEXYEAR INDUSTRIES INC,, Taiwan(TEXYEAR) Which zone is complete with infra-structure and very convenient for transportation.

We adopt the advanced technology and equipments And then we produce high quality lubricants and vanable hot melt adhesive based on unique and significant technology carried by MORESCO and TEXYEAR.We also formulate excellent and stable imported raw materials.

Now we are offering three series product in markets.which are special Lubricants,Hot Melt Adhesive(HMA) and Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(HMPSA).

Special Lubricants series include Water-Glycol Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid,Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil,Die Releasing Fluid and Plunger Lubricants for Diecasing, Bio-stable type Water-soluble Metalworking Fluid,Water-insoluble Cutting Oil,High Quality Vacuum pump Oil,Lubricant for High Temperature applicabon and so on.

Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA)series are applied for carton and case seal, book binding.shoes and so on.

Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(HMPSA)series are applied for Paper Diaper,Sanitary Napkin, Shoes,Label,Carpet,Mouse&Cockroach Catcher. Laminating and so on.

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